Feliz cumpleaños! 2018 is the 10th anniversary of Private Cooking

Anniversary Logo Private Cooking on Mallorca

Feliz cumpleaños! 2018 we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Private Cooking!

In June 2008 I officially became my own boss, by registering as an “Autonomo” in Spain. The weeks before getting the necessary steps with local authorities done, I brainstormed in my little home in Deia, where I lived at that time, about my professional future. Chef Dorothea Waydsch from Flavourhouse in Sóller was the one who inspired me most at that time and who actually gave me the idea to offer a private chef service for villa holiday makers on Mallorca. Maybe right now, 10 years ago, I was thinking about the name I was going to give the “baby”, or I was writing down menu ideas and calculating prices. I can say for sure, that it was no business plan, that I was laying out. There never was one, I simply had the idea and the gut feeling, that it’s going to be successful.

One more reason to be proud of how far Private Cooking has come, right? I am sitting here right now, writing a blog post about the 10th Anniversary! The special edition of the Private Cooking logo was designed by Studio Botschaft in Munich and is my birthday gift to myself 🙂 

Digged out of the photo archive…

Caroline Fabian anniversary Private Cooking

Chef Caroline Fabian

Anniversary of Private Cooking on Mallorca

Housewarming party 2008

My first big event!

A housewarming party in Sóller with 30 guests was my first big job. As I am not a catering company, I only cooked (and still do) for events, when it’s possible to use the kitchen on site for preparations and finishing of the menu. As you can see on the photos, Private Cooking had no corporate identity whatsoever in the beginning. I had some aprons and of course my chef’s jacket, but that was it. This will change in 2009! I will tell you about it in one of my next blog posts.

On one of the photos you can see my best friends Ali, who was visiting Mallorca in summer and who happens to be a great waitress and event manager. As a matter of cause, she helped me on my event.  I can proudly say, that she will not be the only one of my friends, who is going to play a role in the development of Private Cooking. The support of friends and family runs like a golden thread through the success story of Private Cooking. That, and my naturally give passion for what I do, makes it a very personal success story.

The menu of the housewarming party was:

Chilled melon soup with crispy Serrano chips

Risotto with summer vegetables and cured salmon

Parfait of Sóller oranges with avocado mousse and candied fruit


Next time I will tell you about the year 2009, when a first logo comes a long, as well as the person who will play the most important role in the future. In my private life as well as behind the scenes of Private Cooking. 

Thank you for following and being a part of this! 


Chef Caroline Fabian