Gastronomic tours

Discover what the island has to offer with a gastronomic tour to Majorca’s best local markets! Palma’s prestigious market, the Mercat d`Olivar, is the ideal location to introduce your group to local food, majorcan cooking and seasonal products. Let’s stroll over the market and let the atmosphere of busy market trading, the bright colours of vegetables and fruits and the stunning variety of the freshest seafood amaze you. What is the difference of cured ham and the famous iberian ham? How does the head of a monkfish look like? Where do I buy the best “sobrassada” to bring home as a souvenir?

Of course, we will not pass by the mouth-watering stands without having a taste. Depending on your time and schedule, we will either have a few small bites or end the market tour at either a lively Tapas bar or the elegant, yet simple oyster and seafood bar.

The market tour can also be combined with a cooking class or a Paella Show Cooking in the market’s new Show Cooking area “Espai Gastronómic”!

Or what about a gastronomic tour to a wine cellar and olive oil producer?

Have you ever heard of a variety of grapes called “Prensal Blanc” or “Callet”? Are you looking for an interesting way of discovering hidden places in Majorca? It’s time to try the best majorcan wines or get to know some of our best olive oil makers! On the island of Majorca there are over 75 “Bodegas” (wineries), most of them are small or medium sized family run businesses, that welcome visitors for tours and wine tastings.

For centuries, olive trees have shaped the landscape of the Tramuntana mountains. Both, modern and traditional olive oil producers open their doors for you and your group. Without a doubt, the warm welcome on the winery state, the taste of local products and a picnic in a rustic setting of an olive grove, will change for ever the idea you had of Majorca!




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