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Bookable for 12 to 35 people

Price starting from € 50

Choose one of the following paella types as a main course:

Paella mixta” the classic with poultry, fish, seafood or

the elegant “Paella de mariscos” with fish, seafood, wild fennel, pepper and artichokes,

or the savory Paella with chicken and chorizo, for everyone who is not keen on seafood,

or a  vegetarian Paella with lots of fresh peppers, smoked paprika powder and caramelised onions,

or the black “Paella negra” or a “Fideua”, which is a Paella made with small noodles instead of rice

Tapas as a starter, dessert, Sangria and digestif included


Due to the historical evolution of the dish and every Spaniards own family recipe, there are many different types of paella: for example the “paella mixta” with seafood, fish and meat, the “paella de mariscos” with only seafood, the “paella negra” tinted black with the ink of fresh squid, the “paella ciega” which has poultry and fish, but no bones. I also offer vegetarian paellas, paella with chicken and chorizo and “fideuas”. A fideua is a variation of a paella, prepared with small noodles instead of rice.

But the secret of an exceptional paella is not only the good ingredients. The passion of being host to large family gatherings and the time one is taking for shopping for the ingredients and for preparations is very important. I will welcome you to our Paella Cooking with a glass of my own Sangria recipe and a few nibbles. If the weather allows it, I will certainly cook outdoors on the terrace or in the garden of your finca. Have a look and learn a few tricks or just enjoy the smell of fresh seafood, roasted vegetables and saffron in the air.

Before you enjoy the paella as a main course, I will serve the selection of tapas you selected from my menu in the centre of the table “para picar” – for everyone to share, and my homemade olive bread and famous “aioli”. If the occasion for the paella dinner is a special celebration, I can also turn some tapas into finger-food or a “flying buffet”, to give an elegant touch to your authentic paella night. And… Of course a dessert will top off your evening!

A beautifully set table is one of the essentials of a great meal. Plates, cutlery and napkins, as well as natural table decoration I will, of course, supply. If you are celebrating a special occasion, I can help you to rent the appropriate furniture and table linen from a reliable party service in Majorca.

For interested hobby chefs s or just as a souvenir of a lovely evening I am happy bring my paella recipe for you to take home. Please let me know during the booking process, if you would like to have the recipe.

Enjoy the mediterranean lifestyle and bring friends and family together at the table – with my Paella Showcooking!

Caroline Fabian





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