Spanisches Tapas-Dinner

Ein Abend ganz nach spanischem Geschmack!

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Bookable for groups of 12 to 30 people

From € 38,50 plus your choice of tapas

Samples of my tapas menu:

“Pimientos de Padrón” –  small, green peppers. You might find a spicy one!

“Datiles con bacon” – sweet dates, rolled in bacon and served crispy and warm

“Pintxos variados vegetal” – 3 types of vegetarian Crostini with olive tapenade, goat’s cheese and artichoke spread

“Gazpacho andaluz” – in plain summer made of garden vegetables

“Pan con Sobrassada y miel” – simply delicious: mallorcan bread with “Sobrassada” and honey


“Pimientos de Padrón”, “Datiles con bacon”, Pintxos, Gazpacho, “Sobrassada con miel”, “Tortilla española”, “Empanadas”, Pulpo a la Gallega… Enjoy a spanish feast with your personal selection of my homemade Tapas! I will arrive at your house or rental villa well prepared, but I will need to use your kitchen to finish the Tapas. They are all homemade and fresh, they can’t be served all at the same time, which makes the tapas night a perfect option to enjoy time at the table with friends and family.

Did you know, that there are over 75 wineries in Mallorca? You did not? Then you should combine the Tapas night with a wine tasting! I am sure you will find your favourite amongst my choice of wines and you will find out things you did not know about local grape varieties, wineries and wine production. I don’t know everything, but I am happy to share my knowledge about local wines and bodegas with you!

If you would like to order wine without having a tasting with the introduction to each wine, please feel free to ask for my wine list. Choose from local, spanish and some french wines and I will simply bring the wine along for your Tapas night.

Tapas & Wine

Did you know, that there are over 75 wineries in Mallorca? No? Then you might become curious and would like to accompany your tapas evening with a selection of wines that you will not find in the supermarket. I am happy to send you my wine list or make recommendations in collaboration with my wine provider Isla Catavinos.


Can I order the tapas as a delivery service?

Private Cooking Mallorca is not a catering service that delivers food. I cook as a private chef on site. I will arrive well prepared on your finca, and then use your kitchen to complete your tapas. My food is homemade and fresh, hence the many different tapas can not be served simultaneously. But that’s the beauty of tapas evening – you will have time to enjoy the food and nice atmosphere with family and friends!




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