With my personal chef service, people with second homes on Majorca will find a young, reliable, private chef that spoils them during their stay on the island.

Due to the combination of my fine training and the passion for my work, I always adapt to the wishes of my client, keeping it within my style of cooking and seasonal possibilities. Basically, I cook whatever suits your mood, the occasion and the season!

My personal chef service is also ideal for Majorcan residents, who employ household staff, and do not want to give up their accustomed standard of living while their permanent chef is on holiday or absent due to illness.

Please feel free to watch my 4 minute image film to get an idea of my work on the island of Majorca, give me a phone call or fill out my contact form to get in touch in person.

Enjoy more time with friends and family!

Best regards,

Caroline Fabian


Do you have any more questions?

Depending on the number of people attending and number of meals per day, I calculate a daily rate. The cost of food will be charged extra and depend on your culinary desires and on a certain budget you might have. We either discuss detailed menus before your arrival, or you simply give me a guideline of what you would like to eat. I am happy to adapt my cooking to your needs, in keeping with my style of mediterranean cooking and respecting seasonal possibilities. Then, with the daily groceries in my “luggage” I come to your house or rental villa and start preparations for your lunch or dinner. Just relax, while dinner is being prepared for you, or have a peep into your kitchen and learn some tricks, if you are also passionate about cooking!


Sympathy and trust are a must for an efficient and comfortable work atmosphere. I certainly work with the same discretion and professionalism as you would expect from your own staff. I will try to make it possible to meet you in person and give you a first impression of myself, before you decide to hire me. My 4 – minutes image video should also give you a good idea of me and my work. I am looking forward to hearing from you!