Homemade jam for breakfast, chilled Gazpacho as a refreshment at the poolside, Spanish tapas while enjoying sunset with a selection of the best Spanish wines? And the best is: you don’t have to do anything just sit back and enjoy yourself!

I have designed some great culinary packages for different types and sizes of groups. Packed into those Specials is my experience and joy of the past years of cooking for many families and groups of friends at their rental villa. Have a look at those offers, I am sure one of them suits your needs or arouses your interest of having a private chef cater during your villa holiday.

If none of my Specials seems to suit you, I will be happy to make you an individual offer according to your size of group and the number of meals you would like to have.

Relax and enjoy your villa holiday with Private Cooking!

Caroline Fabian


You can't find what you need for your group within the options of my specials?

No problem! Certain adjustments to the specials are possible. If the packages do not meet your requirements, then I will be happy to make you a personalised offer with the terms of my private chef service, where I charge a daily rate according to the size of your group and the amount of meals, and the food cost on top.

What is the difference between the packages of the culinary villa service and the personal chef service?

Each “Special” is like an all-inclusive package with an attractive price per person. You don’t have to worry about any extra costs and just looking forward to your holidays.

Hired as a personal chef, I charge a daily fee depending on the number of people attending the meals and the number of meals I shall prepare. The cost for food is extra. Of course, I will pass my advantageous buying conditions. The advantage here is, that you are completely flexible on what I cook and serve during your stay. However, both options – the packages or the individual rates – are a great way of making your villa holiday perfect!