Price: € 100 for up to 10 people, € 150 for 11 to 19 people and € 200 for groups of more than 20

(Shopping service is only available in combination with one of my other offers)

Are off to your long desired villa holiday on Majorca?

Imagine you arrive at your villa after a long trip and all you are thinking off is taking the keys and relax. Everything you need to start your villa holiday is already there. Water, chilled wine, some snacks, baby food and diapers for the little ones, toast, cereals and marmalade for breakfast the next morning. With our shopping service you get all the supermarket items delivered that you need for the first days of your stay.

Every villa agency and villa owner is different. In some houses you will find a welcome package with a bottle of wine and some fruit, others provide also basic cleaning products, like dish soap and washing detergent. Many villas are completely “empty” and you will have to go out to buy many things on your first day already. Contact your villa agency, if you want to know more about the equipment of your accommodation – or book our shopping service to make sure you have everything you need.

Q: I am sure, there is a supermarket on the way from the airport to my villa.
A: Yes, you are right. But don’t underestimate the time you will spend there, looking for the right products in a foreign language and waiting in the grocery line up of a busy supermarket in the afternoon. Better spend that time discovering your rental villa and having a first swim at the pool! Also, I will get much better quality, especially in fruits and vegetables, buying them at the market or from my provider, than at a regular supermarket.

Before your arrival I will send you a shopping list, that will help you to order everything you need. Please note, that in many villas you should not use the tab water for drinking or making coffee – so you will need large amounts of still water.

You need a high chairs for babies or would like to rent an additional fridge for beverages? Don’t hesitate to contact me and I might be able to help out.





Discovering wineries, buying local wine and finding a favourite amongst them is an important part for many travelling gourmets. A good glass of wine on the terrace of your summer holiday villa can create nice memories!

Majorca is not yet very well known as a wine region, rather as a tourist destination. This is why I will be delighted to provide you with my wine list before your arrival, which includes my personal favourites from Majorca and also some classics from the Spanish mainland.

Why purchase the wines through Private Cooking Mallorca? On the island of Majorca there are now over 75 “Bodegas” (wineries). Most of them are small or medium sized family run businesses. At the local supermarkets you will only see on display a small selection of them or, on the other hand, only those wines and olive oils from larger and commercial brands. Prices of the wines in my wine list include my expenses i.e. my time, transport and storage, but don’t worry – you won’t find restaurant prices that will harm your budget!